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Read About Astrology History And Facts by Atoot

Astrology is considered a kind of predict the future of a person or personal information about stars, planets and celestial bodies like the moon can be found through the test is based on the study means to accept and try to explain the influence of the stars on human affairs.

Greek astronomer Ptolemy was the first to ever write a book on astrology. The sun sign astrology that we know today codified. Ptolemy and the other for the position of celestial bodies and their orbital motion relative to Earth using knowledge to try to predict. During his time, astrology was a part of astronomy. Later, astronomy became an exact science and astrology remained a part of theology. Planetary observation is the basis of astrology.

Astrology is an important part of the history of civilization and goes back to the earliest days of mankind. In addition to being a center of medical training, Baghdad and Damascus, even astrology and astronomy were known as centers. The Arabs were the pioneers of astronomy before the advent of Islam. Books Babylonian sun, moon, planets, and later the name was first. They were also the first reel of all twelve houses.

Egyptian astrology was one of the most important sites for development. It is believed that some of the astrological signs of the zodiac originated in Egypt. Astrology was popular in the Vedic period in India. Astrology is a Vedanga six subjects. Hindus believe that human life or fate, bad luck is due to karma, and karma is believed to be influenced by movements of the planets. Besides Hindus, Brahmins astrology is considered the best authority.

large scale in modern India to astrology to determine the future and life improves. The study of astrology in India, practiced by many. It is considered important in Indian culture. To make decisions concerning marriage, is to start a new business, etc. And even a new house, the ancient Hindu texts of the various aspects of planetary motion and its impact on people is very important for yield displacement. Chinese Astrology five elements, earth, metal, wood, fire, water, and constraints.

The amount that they used is different from other forms of astrology. China was isolated from a long period for the West. What was unknown in the world of western China. How Chinese astrology developed independently, Western notions of astrology and a lot of difference between the Chinese version can be seen. But Chinese and Indian astrologers are in contact from time to time.

Therefore, these two schools are few things in common. Despite the geographical separation between Western and Chinese astrology has striking similarities. It can only be described as a coincidence. Although the science of astrology was born and developed in the East, the West was not without its share of astrology. Recently, reading the daily horoscope in the western world have taken the trend. Suddenly, the Western world to learn and use astrology to improve its future potential is excited.

Western countries are becoming more powerful of the planets and the stars begin to believe in the possibility of being affected. Western scholars in their research, including the subject of astrology. Astrology is considered and the way that has never been in recent years, research has never had before. In this regard, Indian astrologers come forward and show the world the power that astrology should be taken.

Indian astrologers say it is a scientific method to predict the future. Club still within the parameters of Hinduism to the region studied. They say they can prove that astrological predictions are indeed scientific. Hindus believe in the near-unanimity of astrological predictions. In fact, the Hindu religion can not imagine life without Astrology. Indians increasingly build their homes according to architectural principles Shashtra started.

The ancient Indian tradition is also governed by astrological influences. Hindus believe that the overall benefit and prosperity of the inhabitants are based on the principles of architecture, construction of the house. Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.

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