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Reviews of Astrology in India by Vijay Ratan

Planets therapy stands for ultimate success for the human being towards his destiny. Planets Therapy provides consultancy services regarding Indian astrology in Rajasthan. Planet Therapy mission is to help and guide every human being to embark on this journey to peace, love and prosperity.
Human quest for peace of mind is full of obstacles. These obstacles are in the form of the desires of material comforts. Every Human being stirve hard to achieve a state of solace and peace in their mind, however what they achieve in reality is virtual and short lived peace of mind. Peace is attained by control over the desires and then transcending or elevating the mind to joyous spiritual journey to ultimate wisdom. We aim to put together all occult sciences like astrology, fengshui, vastu, color therapy, music therapy, crystal therapy and chakra healing for the benefit of human life.
Indian Astrology:-
The advance of science has also assisted in the mathematical calculations which have led to development of software for charting the movement of stars. But are the Jyotish Vidwaans correct in their beliefs or is Astrology really not a Shastra or science? There is a line in support. What we know as science is the Gyan/knowledge which the saints had probably thousands of years ago. By birth, the human being is connected to the three aspects of life, namely the Destiny, the Astrology and the Vastu. Destiny consists partly of karma and thus these factors rule the human life.

Astrology Consultant in Noida is the science of predicting the life path or events in the life of a person by using the position of the stars and certain planets at the time of birth. The position of stars in the subsequent phases of life is charted out and the malefic or the good effects are studied. This science involves the seven planets from our solar system. These are:
In addition to these there are the two shadow planets as per Hindu mythology, the Rahu and the Ketu. Astrology is a complex study owing to several reasons. With 12 Houses and 12 Rashis, 27 Nakshatras as well as the Nine Planets, there can be millions of combinations to be studied as also the movement of the Planets which affect the environment. Generalized Horoscope reading is common.
Planet Therapy objectives:-
1> Introduce everyone to the alternative healing practices.
2> Analyze the type and cause of obstacles.
3> Identify the exact therapy suitable to the person’s needs.
4> Prepare the person for the adaptability of the therapy through guidance from our master and spiritual healer.
5> Connectivity with Self.
6> Move on the path of spiritual realization and peace of mind by putting together the body, mind and soul.
Astrology has been enticing the human hearts since time immemorial. If a horoscope is kept in front of you, you would fail to resist against your willingness to read it. But those who have deep interest and fascination for this supernatural science would penetrate it further to discover the diverse aspects. An astrologer just with the help of a birth chart can help you better understand your personality traits and the justification of your past actions. Along with varied astro services, one can read astrology articles, vastu tips, gems recommendation and numerology based predictions. Some astro websites also offer free consultancy services. Some astrologers will make attempts to create mystery while making prediction which keep the mind of enthusiast busy. Some astrologers will do counseling mostly whereas some would stress on planetary positions and their impact.

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jyotish shastra

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jyotish shastra/

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